Apothecanna’s Medicated Pain Relieving Lotion is a Miracle Healer

Yes we canna – by Taylor Hamby


I’ve suffered from chronic pain in my upper back for about ten years now. A curved spine and writer’s posture don’t make for a pain-free life. Anytime a massage therapist touches my back, without fail they all exclaim with disbelief at what a tight and knotted back I have. I carry it all in my shoulders, apparently.


I participated in many self-destructive behaviors to deal with the constant pain in my shoulders. Many sleepless nights were spent shooting whiskey to mask the pain so I could get some sleep or move freely––by any means necessary. I eventually learned drinking only exacerbated the problem, so when I quit that method, I figured I’d just have to live with it, stretching and exercising as much as possible.


This weekend, I was given a sample of Apothecanna’s medicated pain relieving lotion. A rep for the medicated skincare brand had a booth at the MedMen Grand Opening Party in Santa Ana and he offered patients samples from each of their five lines. He explained that their products are developed by a former Aveda Skincare (a line famous for natural ingredients) product developer.


I was immediately intrigued by their Extra Strength line which has a lotion, a spray and an oil.
That night before bed I opened up the sample and emptied the contents on my shoulders and neck. The gentleman I spoke to from Apothecanna earlier in the day made the rather incredible claim that you’ll feel the effects within 10 seconds. I was shocked the man was not just blowing smoke–I felt relief almost instantly.


It’s a mid-weight cream that has a mentholated smell, but it’s pleasant and much less pungent than Bengay cream. I’d often have to lather on a bunch of Bengay to go out and face the day, but I’d feel self-conscious about smelling like athletes’ rub to everyone within 20 feet. Not so with Apothecanna. It also does not smell like cannabis–which would be fine to me, but unfortunately still can carry a stigma to certain people.


The cream is formulated with peppermint, juniper, arnica and of course cannabis. The peppermint immediately cools the area, like the icy phase of Icy Hot,  while arnica relieves pain and the cannabis works as an anti-inflammatory. It contains a 1:1 ratio of 100 MG of THC and 100 MG of CBD.


Within 10 seconds, the pain floats away. I felt the level of relief it takes Icy Hot 20 minutes to achieve almost immediately. I couldn’t believe it. The cannabis applied topically worked in a way smoking flower never has. I slept well that night.


When I woke up I knew I had to go back immediately and purchase the lotion. I picked up the largest size, an 8 oz pump bottle, as well as their 2 oz body spray. The spray bottle is great for hitting small target spots and since the bottle can be sprayed upside down, it helps you reach affected areas in hard to reach places, like your back. They also have an Extra Strength oil that I’m sure would really up your massage game. The spray delivers a cold blast like breath spray to your hot spots–relieving the pain immediately like the cream does. Using the two of these products I was feeling limber and spry enough to hit the gym. After running for a few miles, the lotion was great to massage into my legs as a cool down.


The items carry a heavy price tag, but to be free from chronic pain in a healthy way is worth every penny to me. My only qualm is I feel like I am going through quite a bit of the spray and at the rate I’m going, I may need one bottle a week of this miracle spray.


Though Apothecanna’s topicals only temporarily relieve the symptoms, it works great to give the body time to relax and heal, instead of focusing on playing defense to the pain day in and day out. It also left me with much more energy and drive–I didn’t have the pain in my shoulders weighing me down or leaving me sluggish. I’m going to have to think of some other excuse not to go to the gym now, because being too sore to move is no longer a problem.


Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Relieving Body Cream ($60, 8 oz) and Body Spray ($50, 2 oz) are available at MedMen Santa Ana. 2141 S. Wright Street, Santa Ana.

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