805 Buddha Bliss Lip Balm: Our Toke of the Week!

Get your Bliss on (Courtesy of 805 Buddha Bliss)

The weather feels like it’s at record temperatures—and it’s still only July. Not only does that mean we need to load up on the (chemical-free) SPF, but it also means we need to moisturize our skin after sun exposure. One area that’s often neglected is the lips. We forget to protect them as well as replenish them. Additionally, most lip balms available are loaded with preservatives, and synthetic colors and flavors.

805 Buddha Bliss lip balm is one of the cleanest lip care products I’ve researched to date. In fact, all of their skincare products are shockingly chemical-free and affordable—two aspects that usually aren’t mutually exclusive. Their products are made with the highest quality ingestible ingredients, which is especially important for lip balm considering it goes directly on your mouth.

Buddha Bliss’ lip balm is made with organic coconut oil, organic and lab tested whole-plant cannabis oil and beeswax. They use a bend of peppermint oil for cooling; camphor oil for pain relief; melaleuca (tea tree) oil for it’s antiseptic properties; eucalyptus oil for it’s antibacterial properties; cinnamon oil as an anti-fungal; lavender oil to calm the skin; and frankincense oil to protect skin cells and prevent aging. The combination of the coconut oil and the beeswax lock in intense moisture, while the cannabis oil targets burns and loads the skin with natural collagen production.

The nourishment you feel immediately after application is impressive, and why I’ll likely never go back to using other lip-care products again.


Available at 805buddhabliss.com; $10.

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