“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.” -Bob Ross     It was a windy Saturday night in Newport Beach as I made my way into the well lit studio that serves as the headquarters for BrushTokes, a company that provides unique painting sessions...
Create "High''Brow Art With BrushTokes!
OC Weekly 2018 Best of
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OC Weekly: Best of..
It’s the weekend, and you just wanna relax. We get it; we feel the same way, which is why we love this product. Each half-gram joint is rolled with cannabis that was grown and cultivated in Humboldt County using sustainable methods and without harmful pesticides. These guys really are legends for doing the grunt work...
Humboldt Legends White OG Pre-rolls: Our Toke of the Week!
Cannabis is complex. And because of its federal standing, the plant will remain a mystery until it’s re/de-scheduled and scientists are allowed to study it. Until then, our understanding remains limited, which becomes a dilemma when states– such as California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, etc– start legalizing the herb because problems we don’t have solutions to
Cannabis DUI's Are Becoming A Thing, But Do They Hold Up In Court?
Soda’s a tricky thing. Most of the time, it’s loaded with sugar, coloring and god knows what else. I mean, why does Dr. Pepper have 23 flavors in it? Does it really need that many? Seems a little gross. Sprig, a cannabis-infused-soda brand, is reinventing how to use medicated drinks. Here at OC Weekly, we’ve
Elevate With The Effervescence Of Sprig: Our Toke Of The Week!
It’s summer. The beaches are packed, traffic is heavy, and for those of us who aren’t blessed with air conditioning, it’s been hotter than the inside of a Honda Civic left baking in the fairground parking lot. In order to combat the painful sting of the sun’s cancerous rays, we’ve been waking up as late
Jefferson's CannaCocktail Corner: Pineapple Express-Yo'self

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Holy Smokes Tahoe OG! Our Toke Of The Week!

Can anyone tell me when the Catholic church changed the reply to “peace be with you” from “also with you” to “with you and your soul.” Because I recently attended mass with my grandmother and the looks of disappointment on her face when she realized how dated my knowledge was sent shivers down my spine.
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Ghost Your Bong With Our Toke Of The Week!

I want everyone reading this to stop for a second and gather all the bongs, pipes, and hallowed out apples you use to get baked. Now, just go ahead and throw all of it in the garbage because this weeks “TOTW” is the last device you’ll ever need. The Ghost MV1’s intuitive design, groundbreaking engineering,
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