Stale weed be damned! With CanLock’s patented airtight container traveling with your precious cargo no longer smells like you packed a skunk in your carry-on. The first of it’s kind canister features a lid with a built-in pump for odor controlled protection from the elements, your nosy roommate, and whatever else you find on your...
Toke Of The Week: CanLock
When I was fourteen years old my mother surprised me with tickets to the Vans Warped Tour in Los Angeles. I grew up in a town that had zero festivals, one stoplight, and two police officers, so the idea of seeing bands, and paved roads, had me loading up the truck quicker than the Beverly...
Monday Munchies: Vegan Tartar at Here & Now!
Orchid Essentials brand vape pens were designed from the ground up to have superior efficacy, unique taste, and most of all be innovative enough to stand out in a market that sees a new product unveiled daily. If flavor is something that happens to be high on your list of necessities when choosing the right...
Orchid Essentials: Our Toke Of The Week!
If you’re not familiar with the Lone Star state allow me to paint a picture of its capital city; or at least my perspective of it after spending 48 hours bar hopping and smoking as much as possible around the greater downtown area. While planning my southern getaway I made sure to discreetly pack away
Monday Munchies: Austin Edition!
I don’t understand conspiracies. Every single theory, whether it’s the earth being flat, homosexual frogs, or Canada secretly being the source of 9/11, only works if everyone involved keeps their mouth shut. The problem with that is obviously nobody can keep a secret, and unfortunately I am no different. That’s why I’m writing about the
Illuminati OG: Our Toke Of The Week!
The MainPlace mall in Santa Ana doesn’t have fancy things like a Nordstrom, wifi, or even working escalators but that doesn’t stop it from trying it’s best. For every store that’s open there’s three that are vacant, and the familiar scent of stale sandalwood creeping out of the Abercrombie & Fitch stays with you long
Monday Munchies: Hot Dogs at MainPlace!

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