Unpopular opinion time…Brunch is the worst. For anyone that’s ever worked in the service industry brunch is a shift that is often approached with dread and anguish. After working a busy saturday night full of drunks, shenanigans, and horny twenty somethings most servers and bartenders are ready for some well deserved rest and relaxation but...
Who Needs Brunch When You’ve Got Our Toke Of The Week?!
Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson began serving their signature tacos in the 60’s in the bustling city of Yermo, California. Sales at the end of their first day totaled a whopping $169, which is like a million dollars in today money. Now, their little taco stand has over 500 locations on god’s green earth and...
Monday Munchies: Beyond Meat Taco From Del Taco!
Panties is a weird word. Most of the women I know wear underwear and the last time I head anyone call them otherwise was in a video I found in my father’s closet when I was seven. Even though my prudish ways steer me away from products that use sexual overtones to sell their junk...
Sherbinskis Pink Panties: Our Overtly Sexual Toke Of The Week.
Festival season is starting this week which is perfect for people that don’t attend festivals, for the next few months every hip eatery and watering hole within a 20 mile radius will be a little less crowded and a lot more fun due to the abundance of outdoor activities at our fingertips. If you are
CoaChill-Out During Festival Season!
Veterinary clinics throughout the U.S. are facing significant shortages in opioid medications, such as morphine, after the DEA’s 25% decrease in the production of Schedule II opioid medications in 2017 and another 20% reduction in 2018. Which means that the war on drugs isn’t just affecting people primarily from low-income or disenfranchised communities but one
CBD & Wellness For Animals.
A 2018 World Health Organization (WHO) report  (Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) states there is clinical evidence showing CBD could be useful in treating many serious conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psychosis, and Parkinson’s disease.   Americans appear to be listening as more than 7% of US adults are reported to be using CBD as
CBD: Separating Fact From Fiction.

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