At long last, the day stoners have been waiting for has finally arrived: Recreational (or, as most in the canna-word would prefer you say: “Adult-Use”) cannabis is legal. HALLELUJAH! But what exactly does Proposition 64 entail? Does it actually mean anything now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is declaring war on cannabis by rescinding...
Pot Is Legal. Now What?
Last night, Santa Ana city officials held a council committee meeting regarding a new cannabis ordinance that would operate alongside Measure BB, the city’s medical marijuana measure. The proposed canna-regulations would allow 23 adult use dispensaries, 20 medical cannabis dispensaries, 20 indoor cultivation businesses, 20 non-volatile manufacturing businesses, five distribution businesses and an unlimited number...
Santa Ana Is Preparing For The Onset Of Adult Use Cannabis--ASAP
Every month two inspirational women, Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones, owners of MJU High Dining, host a cannabis event that depicts Beatie’s view and promises to be fun, informative and professional. Among those is a sushi and doobie rolling workshop, in which patients turned into students and spent most the night learning how to roll...
Sushi, Professionalism and Cannabis Meet at MJU High Dining Event
Right now is the time to enjoy medicated everything. From infused candies to coffees to ice creams and even facial cleansers– you can get the 420 version of anything. A newer edible trend that’s finally hitting OC dispensaries is medicated mints. Although it might sound lame (or dangerous if you’re a mint lover), low-dose mints...
Be The Breeze With Breez's 1:1 Medicated Mints

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Get To Know Your Medicine And Body With The Goldleaf Patient Journal

With the MAUCRSA in full swing, California feels like it’s raining weed, making it hard to tell the difference between what’s medical and recreational. With everything shifting to an adult-use (recreational) market, if you’re a medical patient—which Jack Herrer argued that everyone is— keeping track of your preferred products has never been more important than
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Green Herojuana; Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Green Herojuana Indica Price: $35 1/8 $70 1/4 Dispensary: 10 Spot 3242 S. Halladay St. Santa Ana 92705 (800)836-7768 Medical Marijuana might just be a cancer’s patient best friend. I’ve written about using it during my treatment with colorectal cancer, it helped alieve the affects of chemotherapy and also with sleep and anxiety issues.
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Taste Legalization With Lowell Herb Co.’s One Ounce Cannabis Tasting Flight

The holidays are anything but relaxing. That’s why giving the gift of stress management is perhaps the most thoughtful thing you can do—especially in today’s politically charged holiday season. Lowell Herb Co. has curated a stellar gift box loaded with a variety of eight prepackaged eighths, adding up to a total of an ounce of
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