Cannabis is complex. And because of its federal standing, the plant will remain a mystery until it’s re/de-scheduled and scientists are allowed to study it. Until then, our understanding remains limited, which becomes a dilemma when states– such as California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, etc– start legalizing the herb because problems we don’t have solutions to...
Cannabis DUI's Are Becoming A Thing, But Do They Hold Up In Court?
Soda’s a tricky thing. Most of the time, it’s loaded with sugar, coloring and god knows what else. I mean, why does Dr. Pepper have 23 flavors in it? Does it really need that many? Seems a little gross. Sprig, a cannabis-infused-soda brand, is reinventing how to use medicated drinks. Here at OC Weekly, we’ve...
Elevate With The Effervescence Of Sprig: Our Toke Of The Week!
It’s summer. The beaches are packed, traffic is heavy, and for those of us who aren’t blessed with air conditioning, it’s been hotter than the inside of a Honda Civic left baking in the fairground parking lot. In order to combat the painful sting of the sun’s cancerous rays, we’ve been waking up as late...
Jefferson's CannaCocktail Corner: Pineapple Express-Yo'self
South Coast Safe Access (SCSA) consistently provides the cannabis community with top-quality products as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff who take the time to carefully explain each product. And now it has stepped it up another notch by offering this incredible shatter from the people at NUG. Produced using only premium flowers and no artificial
The Creative Attack Of Premium Jack By NUG: Our Toke Of The Week!
My plan was simple: Get high as a kite, wander around the fair, and eat as much bad food as possible without having a heart attack. The problem with my agenda is that every year–without fail–I always go to the fair at the exact same time as everyone I know but don’t like. So, in
Judgement Day: A Long Strange Culinary Trip At The OC Fair
Cannabis and music festivals go together like avocado and toast, tequila and lime, psilocybin mushrooms and orange juice, wine and cheese, and every other sweet pairing known to man. But like other drugs, the plant has always been prohibited from festivals, despite being the most commonly used substance. In all our years of festivaling, we’ve
Legal Cannabis Invades SF Outside Lands With Introduction Of 'Grass Lands'

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La Vida Verde Relax Tincture: Our Toke of the Week!

Chronic pain and body aches were always two things I had a hard time feeling sympathetic toward. Then I turned 30, and now my spine sounds like someone stepping on a bag of potato chips every time I bend over to tie my shoes, and I can’t fall asleep without trying every possible pillow arrangement
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Cherry Pie: Our Toke of the Week!

Some of our readers may be a little too young to remember Warrant’s hit song dedicated to the band’s favorite woman and/or pastry. But we think they were actually talking about this pungent indica strain and not the blond woman dancing on the car (and ruining the paint job). Cultivated by THC Design and manicured
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