Since the last Munchies article went up on our site, our county has seen some pretty weird stuff happen. We all got a little shook up from the quake, ska seems to be making a comeback, and Madonna just released another album full of self indulgent “political messages” marketed as dance music. Basically, the nineties...
[Monday Munchies:] The '90s are Back!
As Will Fennel walks through his store, which sells everything for your home gardening needs, customers approach with questions—many of which concern growing cannabis. Armstrong Garden Center, this is not. At 55 Hydroponics, Fennel will explain to guests seeking advice on any plant how much better hydroponic growing can be compared to sticking a seed...
55 Hydroponics Puts the Green in Green Thumbs
OC WEEKLY: More than half of the 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have legalized cannabis use to some degree. Are retailers still experiencing the same issues with banking? CHRISTOPHER GLEW: Cannabis retailers still struggle to find stable, legitimate banking solutions in today’s environment. Banking institutions are struggling right...
Cannabis Attorney Extraordinaire Chris Glew on the Challenges for Dispensaries
Having grown up in California’s Calaveras County, the younger sibling of the Emerald Triangle (a.k.a. Cannabis County), Michael Ray always had pot as a part of his life. He learned how to grow the plant at a young age, but his future was really put in motion in 2009, when the Golden State began to
Fighting Hunger Is Part of Bloom Farms’ Business Plan
New Generation dispensary staff gather under a white popup tent outside a shelter at Santa Ana Boulevard and Ross Street, as homeless people line up for new clothing, socks and water bottles. The workers stepped away from their air-conditioned facility on the other side of Santa Ana, from which the dispensary sells THC and CBD
Giving Back Is In New Generation’s DNA
Jesse Clymer had a dream of getting into business, of selling clothing, accessories and skin products using hemp-derived products, but with more sustainable methods. So he did his research and opened an independent, online-only hemp store. But that wasn’t all he envisioned. “I wanted a company that added some kind of good or value to
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