You don’t have to go through several years of college courses to understand that mixing certain substances can be disastrous. Most of us grow out of partying when we begin to take our responsibilities more seriously but not me, each night I’m up well past the witching hour gathering information to put into articles like...
Monday Munchies: Go Bold!
There’s a lot of ways to reach cult status within the cannabis industry but the most straightforward approach has to be letting your product speak for itself. Mr. Sherbinski, along with his selection of premium flowers and concentrates have been skipping the small talk for loud results. Rooted in San Francisco and coveted by some...
Sherbinskis: Our (Tasty) Toke Of The Week!
Last week, Elavon, an end-to-end payment processing company that provides services to over 1.3 million merchants worldwide announced it would no longer be able to work with businesses that make and distribute products that include CBD or THC despite it’s current legal status in several states. This latest attack on the cannabis industry is due,...
The War on E-Commerce
Los Angeles, the city that introduced the world to Hollywood’s magical sound stages, skateboarding, the electric guitar…and the french dip? I don’t know why but I’d always assumed that a sandwich built around salted meats on a french roll as being inherently east coast and I couldn’t have been more incorrect. Over a century ago
Monday Munchies: The Beef Debate.
As a kid I thought there were only two types of beer on this earth. A silver one that smelled terrible and a pale pink one that came in a glass bottle. It turns out I was just a clueless kid and my family wasn’t very classy. These days every grocery store, liquor mart, and
New Frontier Brewing: Our Toke Of The Week!
My parents never took me anywhere as a kid, especially to restaurants. Eating out was reserved for funerals, graduations, and the occasional get together, so long as my rich uncle footed the bill. Anytime we did get exposed to how the upper echelons of society lived my siblings and I were the worst kind of
Monday Munchies: Lobsterfest!

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