They say humans are like snowflakes because no two are the same–and on a cellular level, that’s true. On a non-physiological level, however,  humans are very similar; especially regarding our innate fascination with the intangible elements of life. More specifically, people have been obsessed with consciousness– and exploring altered states of consciousness– since the beginning...
Traverse The Realms Of Consciousness With "The Book Of Highs"
Have you ever wondered if the stoned banter between you and your friends is as funny when you’re not high? Have you felt like you and your high-tribe could be comedians because the thoughts y’all came up with after smoking are levels funnier than Doug Benson’s best stand up? If you said yes to these questions,...
Comedy Show "I'm Too Effing High" Fights The Stigma With Humor, Wit and Intellect
It was the wee hours of Wednesday morning, April 18, and the sun had yet to rise. I was adrift in my subconscious, scrolling through the feelings and disjointed thoughts that never make it to the surface. I hardly remember anything I dreamt about, except that I was in Jamaica and watching a young, short-haired...
EXCLUSIVE: We Spent 4/20 With Damian Marley Talking About Injustice, Consciousness And The Power Of Herb
What separates the cannabis industry from the rest is the number of women executives. According to a 2017 Marijuana Business Daily reader survey, women hold 27 percent of executive-level roles in the cannabis industry. That’s a healthy edge over U.S. businesses as a whole, where women comprise 23 percent of executive positions. Orange County isn’t
The Reserve is Back With A Product Line Designed for Healthy Living & Wellness
What’s fascinating about California’s legal cannabis industry is that nearly 80 percent of municipalities still prohibit cannabis. So, although cannabis is de-criminalized and therefore quasi-legal, much work remains to be done in terms of acceptance. Somehow, though, Orange County is represented in the other 20 percent. Thanks to Santa Ana, a healthy cannabis industry exists
In Full Blüm: Derek Peterson's Plans For OC's Cannabis Industry
In most cases, you can’t rely on a debit or credit card to facilitate a transaction at a dispensary. The reason? Cannabis is a schedule-one drug. It’s thus a federal offense for banks to do business with entities involved in the trafficking of schedule one drugs. As a result, the cannabis industry is solely cash-based,
Help: The Cannabis Industry Needs Financial Services ASAP!

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Ease Your Muscles With CBD Living Freeze: Our Toke Of The Week!

I played soccer for 20 years, and one of my go-to products to help with post-match soreness was Icy Hot. In hindsight, it’s blurry as to whether it actually worked or I just enjoyed the tingling sensation and pungent wintergreen aroma. But once I learned about the chemicals and preservatives added to most products—and the
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Melting The Pain Away With 
King Harvest Uplift Sativa Oil: Our Toke Of The Week!

About a month ago, my forehead began stinging for no apparent reason, especially after working out. Suddenly, on a Friday afternoon, I realized that I had a nickel-sized growth of unknown origin on the same spot that had been itching. By the next morning, I had blisters all over my forehead and my left eye
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