Last night, Santa Ana city officials held a council committee meeting regarding a new cannabis ordinance that would operate alongside Measure BB, the city’s medical marijuana measure. The proposed canna-regulations would allow 23 adult use dispensaries, 20 medical cannabis dispensaries, 20 indoor cultivation businesses, 20 non-volatile manufacturing businesses, five distribution businesses and an unlimited number...
Santa Ana Is Preparing For The Onset Of Adult Use Cannabis--ASAP
Every month two inspirational women, Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones, owners of MJU High Dining, host a cannabis event that depicts Beatie’s view and promises to be fun, informative and professional. Among those is a sushi and doobie rolling workshop, in which patients turned into students and spent most the night learning how to roll...
Sushi, Professionalism and Cannabis Meet at MJU High Dining Event
Every year, OC Weekly publishes its annual Best Of OC Issue–you know, the fat, glossy issue that sits on your coffee table for the rest of the year, and which provides an endless source of inspiration for all your shopping, dining, entertainment–and cannabis needs. Although we’ve included a few 42o items in the past–Best Dispensary...
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Right now is the time to enjoy medicated everything. From infused candies to coffees to ice creams and even facial cleansers– you can get the 420 version of anything. A newer edible trend that’s finally hitting OC dispensaries is medicated mints. Although it might sound lame (or dangerous if you’re a mint lover), low-dose mints...
Be The Breeze With Breez's 1:1 Medicated Mints

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Create Magic With The MagicalButter Machine

Back when cannabis was still procured from a “dealer,” making edibles was a laborious project. It was usually messy, too, because it required turning herb into butter.  Fast forward to 2017: Making edibles has never been easier and making oils and topicals have also become an effortless task. No longer are we in the prehistoric
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XJ-13 Hybrid Sativa: Our Toke of the Week!

XJ-13 is a perfect entry level flower for the novice weed smoker. We are getting closer to the day when all you will need is a driver’s license or picture I.D. to enter a dispensary. No more Doctors recommendations, just a simple scan and you’re in. But once you enter the dispensary it might be
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Sweet Jane CBD Tincture: Our Toke of the Week!

The Pain! The Pain! As a cancer survivor I know pain well. During my treatment I suffered excruciating pain. I was given the good stuff: Vicodin and a Lidocaine epidermal patch. I smoked medical marijuana to help dull the effects of chemo but I wish CBD tincture was available. It’s non-psychoactive and is great with
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Medium Rectangles through 12/31/17

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